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Conservation Coffee

Bird Friendly Honduran Coffee - Single Serves

Bird Friendly Honduran Coffee - Single Serves

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A Direct Fair Trade and Bird Friendly coffee, this classic Honduran brings together a combination of darker and more caramel notes, along with lighter notes like tropical fruits and berries. The flavor of Honduran coffee has also been described as having notes of apricot, and chocolate.

 Key Benefits:

  • Organic
  • Direct Fair Trade Certified
  • Bird Friendly Certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center



Coffee bagged in BioTre 100% Compostable bags! Remove and recycle the valve before composting.


Brewing Tips:

We recommend using a ratio of 2 TBS to every 6 oz of water.

For best results, brew with water that is between 196 degrees Fahrenheit and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.  The closer you are to 205, the better the coffee! 


For Keurig, fill the reusable k-cup to the MAX line with ground coffee.

Use the 8oz brew option for best results.

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