What is Bird Friendly Coffee?

Bird Friendly Certified Coffee is awarded to farms adhering to strict environmental standards set by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, ensuring coffee is shade-grown in natural forest conditions to preserve biodiversity and bird habitats. These farms practice organic agriculture, avoiding harmful chemicals to promote a healthier ecosystem. This certification underscores a commitment to sustainable farming, benefiting both the environment and the quality of the coffee.

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There's a problem in the world of coffee

  • Western Agriculture vs Shade Grown

    Western Agriculture vs Shade Grown

    Western agricultural methods have become prevalent on coffee farms worldwide to increase coffee bean yields per acre and meet global demand. However, this approach often involves clearing valuable habitats and rainforests, making way for intensive farming practices. The consequence is the extensive use of pesticides and chemicals to maintain the health of coffee plants exposed to harsh sunlight, which places stress on them until harvest. This stress compromises the quality of the coffee beans, affecting the entire supply chain and ultimately the coffee in your cup. In contrast, shade-grown certified coffee mandates strict guidelines for farmers, ensuring that coffee plants are nurtured in a healthy, biodiverse environment. This raises an important question: Are you aware of what's in your mug?

  • The Smithsonian's Certified Bird Friendly Program

    The Smithsonian's Certified Bird Friendly Program

    Three-quarters of the world's coffee production employs methods that are harmful to bird habitats, often leading to the destruction of forests. This loss of forested areas not only affects birds but also drastically impacts other wildlife. In response, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center developed a superior certification standard that exceeds conventional ones. This "Gold Standard" involves direct oversight in each region to guarantee the ethical and environmental integrity of coffee production. Such rigorous certification ensures the coffee is organically grown and harvested in a manner beneficial to the environment, which, in turn, enhances the quality of the coffee. Bird Friendly Coffee stands out as the only coffee certified to be 100% shade-grown and organic, ensuring its production supports a healthy ecosystem.

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  • Supporting Worldwide Conservation

    Your coffee has a more significant impact than you might realize. Every pound of coffee sold contributes a portion of its revenue to the Bird Friendly program, supporting their ongoing research and development efforts. According to a study by Drive Research, 64% of Americans are coffee drinkers. In a society heavily reliant on caffeine, choosing sustainably sourced coffee can lead to meaningful global change. By supporting these practices, not only do we benefit the Smithsonian's initiatives, but you also play a crucial role. You're advocating for a shift in the coffee supply chain that promises to transform the coffee industry for the better, ensuring a more sustainable future for coffee production.

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“Happy Earth Award” for Sustainability, presented on behalf of IGES in partnership with ZAG

“Happy Earth Award” for Sustainability, presented on behalf of IGES in partnership with ZAG

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