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There's a problem in the world of coffee

  • Western Agriculture vs Shade Grown

    Western agriculture growing practice's in multiple countries around the world, where massive demand for coffee production causes deforestation, exposing acres of coffee to the sun where coffee is not it’s best.

    The result, massive use of chemicals and pesticides to keep the plants healthy enough to produce coffee cherries, leaching into the beans and your morning cup.

    What chemicals are in your mug today?

  • The Smithsonian's Certified Bird Friendly Program

    The Smithsonian Migratory
    Bird Center came up with a "Gold Standard" of certification that goes above and beyond traditional certifications, with boots on the ground in each region to ensure your coffee is what it's suppose to be.

    This ensures coffee is ethically grown and truly sourced in a way that is organic and good for the environment, resulting in an even better brew.

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  • Supporting Worldwide Conservation

    Each pound of coffee we sell through our store and our wholesale partners gives back a percentage to the Bird Friendly program to reinvest into their research and development.

    As we win, not only does the Smithsonian win, but you ultimately win, because you are supporting an increase in demand for a supply change that will change the world of coffee forever.

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