Why Bird Friendly®️️️️ Certified

  • Shade Grown

    All of our coffee is Shade-Grown, meaning that we grow coffee within
    rain forests instead of clear-cutting, such as the image on the left.
    This is better for the plants, animals, and ecosystem.

  • Smithsonian Certified Bird Friendly Partner

    Conservation Coffee is a certified partner of the Smithsonian Migratory
    Bird Center. This means that all of our coffee is organic, protects
    habitat for native birds and other wildlife, and is the most
    biodiversity-friendly coffee on the market. We maintain strict
    environmental criteria proven to support wildlife.

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  • Supporting Worldwide Conservation

    We give back a percentage of the proceeds of each purchase to worldwide
    conservation efforts. Why choose a specific project when you can
    contribute to it all?

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