Who We Are

Created to not only provide consumers with high quality and ethically sourced coffee, but we are also striving to raise awareness of unknown concerns in the coffee supply chain, while giving back, and making a difference in the world of conservation. Partnering with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center allows us to source our coffee from certified organic, shade-grown coffee farms that keep the environment in mind by implementing new and
sustainable agricultural practices.

The Mission

For every item sold, a percentage of our proceeds are then allocated to a variety of worldwide conservation
By partnering with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, we can contribute to making a positive global impact and help ensure a better tomorrow.  
We locally source and roast all of our coffee from Cincinnati, Ohio and ship directly to your door for guaranteed freshness.

Founder and CEO - Jesse Winters

There is a lack of integrity and commitment in the coffee industry, and we decided to do something about it.
Coffee being the second largest commodity in the world next to crude oil deserves a company that it's consumers can buy into, knowing it's truly doing the right thing not only for it's customers but for the planet as well.
What has your coffee done today?"
Email: jesse@conservation-coffee.org

President and Partner - Ryan Lewton

There's a problem in the coffee industry that stems from not only our mass consumption and appetite for caffeine, but from world geo politics and greenwashing.
We're creating a brand that you can trust for the highest quality of product; one that you can feel good about knowing it's contributing to a bigger cause
Email: ryan@conservation-coffee.org