• 12oz Compostable Bags

    14.5 million tons of plastic containers and packaging were estimated to be generated in 2018 alone.

    Truly one of the most challenging parts of the process, most companies will shy away due to their extremely high cost compared to their traditional metal lined and plastic cousins.

    Not only is our shade grown coffee of the highest quality, but our packaging will not contribute to this plastic problem by being itself home compostable.

  • 2oz Single Serve

    We find that it is common for individuals to open a bag of coffee where it will oxidize over a few days, which taints the quality and flavor. We also see that they simply don't enjoy measuring out their pots.

    Our single serve packs allow you to enjoy a fresh pot of coffee every single time. No need for oxidation, no need for measuring.

    Soon to be 100% compostable packaging

  • 100% Compostable K-Cups (Coming soon)

    K-Cups. We love them for their convenience, but we hate them for their abundance of plastic.

    Over 60 Billion K-Cups have made their way to landfills since the inception of Keurig.

    We will soon be offering 100% compostable K-cups through our partnership with GreenPod's proprietary technology.

    Not only can you enjoy your K-Cups knowing they will break down, but the plastic they are stored in will break down and compost as well.

12oz Compostable Bags

2oz Single Serve Packs

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