• Ethiopian Dark Roast Bag

    12oz Compostable Bags

    In 2018, an estimated 14.5 million tons of plastic containers and packaging were produced, highlighting a significant environmental challenge. Many companies avoid alternatives to traditional plastic and metal-lined packaging due to higher costs. However, our commitment extends beyond providing high-quality shade-grown coffee; we ensure our packaging is home compostable, actively avoiding contribution to the plastic pollution problem.

  • Honduran Medium Roast Coffee

    2oz Single Serve

    It's typical for a 12oz bag of coffee to oxidize and lose its quality and flavor if not used promptly after opening. Additionally, some people prefer not to measure out their coffee for each pot. Our single-serve packs address both issues by ensuring a fresh pot of coffee with every use, eliminating concerns over oxidation and measuring. Plus, our packaging is now fully compostable, enhancing our commitment to sustainability.

  • Fully Compostable K-Cups

    K-Cups are cherished for their convenience but criticized for their environmental impact, with over 60 billion ending up in landfills since Keurig's inception. We're addressing this issue through our partnership with GreenPod, utilizing their proprietary bio-resin and composting technology to offer fully compostable K-Cups. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of K-Cups with the peace of mind that both the cups and their plant-based bio-plastic will break down and compost, reducing environmental harm.

12oz Compostable Bags

2oz Single Serve Packs