The Most Popular Coffee Types

The Most Popular Coffee Types

Coffee is consumed by millions of people worldwide every single day. But as you can imagine, there are different coffee types enjoyed from region to region, so which are the most popular ones out there? Here is a short list!


Types of coffee beans

If we refer to different types of coffee beans, in the US we find either Robusta or Arabica. Robusta is strong and cheaper than Arabica, but comes with a bitter flavor. Because of this, you will find Robusta suitable for instant coffee mixes or espresso in particular. Since Robusta comes with a very high caffeine content, you wake up quickly, making for a great pick me up on lazy mornings.

Arabica is the most popular coffee type, one of the reasons behind this is Arabica’s great taste. These beans bring in a sweet, but complex flavor. Unlike Robusta, Arabica doesn’t have as much caffeine, and this makes it ideal for sips even during the day.


Types of coffee drinks

As you already know, there are different types of coffee drinks you can enjoy on a daily basis. Some of the most popular include:


A very common type of coffee, and it comes with an espresso layer, then a second layer is made using hot steamed milk. Lastly, you add fermented milk at the top, and as needed you can even include some sugar as well.



This drink has an Italian origin, it’s similar to espresso but it comes with a strong smell and taste. It’s not as bitter as an espresso, and you don’t have to serve it in large amounts either. 


Iced coffee

The ideal option during the hot summer days because it’s strong, yet you can add creamy milk, some sugar and ice cubes. You’ll find this type of coffee to be one of the best alternatives to fizzy drinks, especially during the summer.



A sweet, but also strong coffee drink. While it follows the espresso recipe, you do add creamy hot milk at the top, and that brings a very powerful, distinctive flavor.



Made with a dedicated machine that pours boiling water into the ground beans. There’s also double espresso where you add 2x the coffee bean amount. Espresso is made using water, if you want to add milk then you’re making a cappuccino.


Turkish coffee

Extremely popular in Europe and Asia, but also the US. You need to add water to the coffee bean powder, stir it and then add sugar to the pot. Heat the pot and you will notice the result has a lot of foam, not to mention the coffee itself is very tasty.

What’s your favorite coffee?

These types of coffee are enjoyed by people worldwide and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they tasty, but they provide an exceptional, incredible flavor and very good quality. Give these a try for yourself, and then you can choose which is the ideal option for you. Some types of coffee are great for early mornings, others are more suitable as a drink after you eat a healthy meal, while you will also find some that are just refreshing. That’s why it’s important to check these out and see which you like the most!

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